Our Counselors


 J. Paul Marks, D. Min., MA, LPC

Dr. Paul Marks is trained in counseling, theology and psychology. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1994 followed by two Master degrees in Religion and Christian Theology in 1998. He also completed his Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastoral Counseling in 2007.
Clinical Areas: Dr. Marks worked as an individual, premarital and marital counselor in a local church for the last ten plus years. His areas of specialty are premarital training, remarriage, step family conflicts as well as addiction and grief counseling. One unique area of specialty that he is developing is working with couples in full-time ministry and with pastors in transition.

Therapy Approach: Dr. Marks views therapy largely from a cognitive-behavioral approach.

This means that he sees a person’s actions tied to their thoughts/beliefs. He approaches counseling with two basic assumptions. These are that all people function on their beliefs and that much of life is tied to patterns of relationship. His counseling takes into account the whole person which includes the physical, relational and spiritual aspects. The therapy process is viewed as a combined effort between the counselor and the client. Change is accomplished through actively taking steps in one’s life. Spiritually, Dr. Marks views the role of God in the counseling process as essential. For this reason he incorporates spiritual practices and prayer as needed.

Professional Associations: Dr. Marks is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. He is AACC Certified in Sexual Addictions Counseling, Certified in Prepare/Enrich a pre-marital program, and in Divorce Busting.



Specialized Treatment

Finding peace, especially in tough situations, can be difficult.  Without help, the stress may increase.  We are committed to assisting you in finding beneficial solutions to the dilemmas you face.  The problems we specialize in are:

• Depression • Stress
• Marital issues • Anxiety
• Sexual Addictions • Compulsive Behaviors
• Women's Issues • Men's Issues
• Panic Disorders • Eating Disorders
• Sexual Abuse • Codependency
• Anger Issues • Attention Deficit Disorder
• Grief • Premarital
• Play Therapy • Remarriage


Comprehensive Therapy

Christian Counseling Services can provide the appropriate therapy compatible with your needs.  At CCS, therapy is a collaborative process where you and your therapist form a working relationship that is designed to facilitate change and growth during times of transitional, emotional or psychological distress.

An overall plan for treatment and goals will be designed and discussed with you.  The length of your treatment will depend on your own personal goals and the types of problems to be addressed.  The following types of treatment plans can be employed:

• Individual Therapy
• Marital Therapy
• Services for Adults, Adolescents and Children
• Family Therapy
• Pre-Marital Counseling
• Group Therapy
• Workshops
• Play Therapy


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